Gerasimos Floratos

A native New Yorker and local to Times Square, Gerasimos Floratos’ practice toys with what it means to be a person on the outside—the other. The works lead us on a psycho-geographic tour of his version of the city hosted by a cast of anthropomorphised characters ranging from bunnies to skyscrapers. They are larger than life projections of Floratos’ slouching alter egos, some more closely resembling him than others, but all sharing an uncanny cartoonish familiarity that belies their autobiographical nature.

Their construction is consistent in its inconsistency. Varying from pre-made aluminium stretchers to found timber, the structure upon which the canvas is fixed is as important as the imagery painted upon them. A thickly applied impasto of primary colours, mixed with detritus from the studio floor, adorns floppy canvases that often drape curtain-like from their stretchers, pointing conspicuously to the effort that went into their assemblage. Their sculptural qualities propel the pieces into the theatrical realm of props, pulling back the metaphorical curtain on the performance of being an artist.

Current and recent solo exhibitions include: Big Town, Pilar Corrias, London (2016); White Columns, New York City (2016); Times Square Paintings, Sorry We Are Closed, Brussels (2015). His work has been included in recent group shows at Alter Space, San Francisco (2016); Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY (2015); and Know More Games, NY (2015) among others.

Born 1986 in New York


Big Town, Pilar Corrias Gallery, London – UK
Gerasimos Floratos, White Columns, New York City – US

Times Square Paintings, Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels – BE


Group Exhibition, Coast Contemporary, Oslo – NO

A Being in the World, Salon 94, New York City – US
The Great Figure Part Two, The Journal, Brooklyn – US
Lost For Words, Murray Guy, New York City – US
An Increasingly Desperate Man, Alter Space, San Francisco – US

Crowded House, Harper’s Books, East Hampton – US
Peek-A-Boo-Pair-Ah-Dice, Know More Games, Brooklyn – US
Box Lunch, Skylab, Columbus – US


Adult Swim, Pilar Corrias Gallery, London – UK

Pilar Corrias at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016

Pilar Corrias at Art Basel Miami Beach 2016

We are excited to announce Pilar Corrias Gallery will be participating in Art Basel | Miami Beach 2016. The gallery will present works by artists: Ulla von Brandenburg Gerasimos Floratos Tala Madani Ken Okiishi Philippe Parreno Mary Ramsden Tschabalala Self Shahzia … More

Harriet Thorpe, Gerasimos Floratos: Big Town, studio international, January 2017 (Download PDF)

Chris Mansour, The Amateur’s Embrace: Gerasimos Floratos @ White Columns, Caesura, May 2016 (Download PDF)

Rachel Small, Gerasimos Floratos, Interview Magazine, March 2016 (Download PDF)


Gerasimos Floratos: Big Town

Gerasimos Floratos: Big Town

Pilar Corrias Gallery is pleased to present the first UK solo show of New York based artist Gerasimos Floratos, bringing together new large scale paintings and works on paper. A native New Yorker and local to Times Square, Floratos’ practice … More