Adult Swim—Curated by Gerasimos Floratos
28 Jun 17-4 Aug 17

Ida Applebroog
Emheyo Bahabba
Judith Bernstein
Rafael Delacruz
Ida Ekblad
Sophie von Hellermann
Evan Holloway
Lee Lozano
Tala Madani
Quintessa Matranga
Trevor Shimizu
Spencer Sweeney
Billy White
Amelie von Wulffen

Adult Swim conjures an image of movement in a communal body of water, a metaphor for non-linear navigation of collective consciousness and the shared realms in which we work, play, and live. The metaphor suggests a style of thinking or approach which we might employ to reveal a multitude of behaviours, ideas and moods; existential vignettes that rise from and float around the surface of the psyche.

The exhibition brings together works by 14 artists who often communicate these ‘navigations’ with a playful or humourous delivery. Though various in medium, the works are connected by a seemingly rudimentary application of material, cartoonish in many cases, channeling transhistorical tropes of Pop Art, Abstract Expressionist posturing, surreal juxtapositions, Modernist regard for material, with a Postmodern nonchalance for mixing these references.


Curated by Gerasimos Floratos.

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