Tobias Rehberger’s Dazzle Ship at Victoria Embankment

Tobias Rehberger's Dazzle Ship at Victoria Embankment

Co-commissioned by Chelsea College of Art and Design, Liverpool Biennial, and Tate Liverpool, Tobias Rehberger’s dazzle design takes over the HMS President in London as part of 14-18 NOW programme of cultural events to commemorate the First World War. The dazzle style in which the ships will be painted takes as its inspiration the famous glaring colours and jagged lines of the ‘dazzle’ camouflage, designed to confuse enemy U-boat captains. The geometrically patterned boats would have been a familiar sight during the First World War, when hundreds of shipping convoys sailed to and from Britain’s ports.

HMS President (1918)
Victoria Embankment
London, England

14-18 NOW TEAM
IWM, Lambeth Road
London SE1 6HZ
+44 (0)207 416 5000 (IWM switchboard)

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