With around 130 works, including drawings, colour studies, paintings and photographs, this exhibition provides a comprehensive cross-section of Sabine Moritz's Lobeda series of works.

The autumn exhibition 2022 of the Lyonel-Feininger-Galerie is dedicated to the work of the Quedlinburg-born, internationally renowned artist Sabine Moritz with a focus on her early Lobeda series of works.

In 1991, while she was still studying, Sabine Moritz began working on the group of works. The series, which comprises more than 150 drawings, was created from memory and focuses on the living environment in Jena’s prefab satellite town of Neulobeda, where the artist lived from 1973 to 1981. 

The Lobeda theme appears again and again in various forms in Moritz's work: in oil or acrylic painting on paper and canvas as well as in photographs. The Lobeda series is an artistic search, a field research and describes both the attempt to comprehensively grasp life in Lobeda and the exploration of memory processes, from the personal to the collective.
Moritz describes that life as a child in a prefabricated housing estate was also associated with the feeling of being lost: "everything was the same everywhere - the entrances, elevators and corridors hardly differed. As a child, I was afraid at first, but not anymore to find the right house. One of the first actions after reunification was to try to make the buildings colourful with different colours.

In the extensive series, what Moritz had planned is fulfilled: "I wanted to have the impression that I could walk around in the pictures."

With around 130 works, including drawings, colour studies, paintings and photographs, the exhibition provides a comprehensive cross-section of the Lobeda group of works.

Lyonel-Feininger Galerie

Museum für grafische Künste
Schlossberg 11
06484 Quedlinburg

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